Income Lab Establishes Research Council to Advance Retirement Income Analysis and Education

Apr 4, 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of the Income Lab Research Council. The Research Council aims to contribute both to the education of the next generation of advisors and planners and to the ongoing education of current practitioners.

The inaugural council consists of:

  • Craig Lemoine, CFP®, PhD, MRFC financial planning program director, associate teaching professor, University of Illinois
  • Brandon Ratzlaff, CFP®, instructor, Texas Tech University of Financial Planning, adjunct professor, Southern Methodist University
  • David A. Evans, PhD, lecturer and CFP® program director, Purdue University
  • Derek Lawson, Ph.D., CFP® assistant professor, Kansas State University
  • Derek Tharp, Ph.D., CFP®, CLU®, RICP®, assistant professor of finance, University of Southern Maine
  • Michael Kothakota, Ph.D., CFP® lecturer, Columbia University School of Professional Studies

“I firmly believe Income Lab is the future of retirement modeling and distribution software. Its tools are innovative and forward thinking and we are thrilled to teach this platform to our financial planning students at the University of Illinois,” said Lemoine.

Columbia University lecturer Kothakota added, “I’m excited to help Income Lab serve the retirement planning community and influence the direction of retirement planning research and education in America.”


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