Retirees – Stop Under-spending in Your Go Go Years

Sep 20, 2022

The Retirement Planning Podcast with Kevin Lao  featured Income Lab Co-founder, Justin Fitzpatrick, PhD, CFA, CFP® . “Creating a dynamic spending plan combined with “Retiree’s superpowers” 🦸 (as Justin calls them) can accommodate for a much more enjoyable lifestyle.”

Important points:

  • Retirees have the power to change and pivot if something does not go as planned in retirement.
  • Retirees have a lot more power over their retirement portfolio than they would like to think because they can make the necessary adjustments along the way.
  • How they use the “Roth Conversion” feature inside Income Lab to assist their clients with not passing such a heavy tax burden on to their legacy but spreading out taxes over a course of time

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