Taxes and Software with Justin Fitzpatrick

Sep 20, 2022

Income Lab co-founder Justin Fitzpatrick joins the Retirement Tax Services Podcast to share his angle on how taxes fit into retirement. He discusses why he created a new financial planning software, as well as its role in making retirement income planning more realistic and attainable.

Important points:

  • Explains how Income Lab focuses on dynamic retirement income planning which is rejecting the idea that life in retirement is centered around either “success or failure”. Instead at Income Lab, we believe you would just make the necessary adjustments along the way.
  • Our software assists with building your plans while feeding into your tax planning automatically so you will not have duplicate data entry.
  • Using our dynamic retirement income planning tool, can assist with visually seeing how Tax Planning interacts with Roth conversions, Social Security, and more; all within our platform.

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