The Model FA Podcast “Leveraging Retirees’ Superpowers” with Justin Fitzpatrick

Nov 4, 2022

On the most recent episode of the Model FA podcast, Income Lab’s Co-Founder Justin Fitzpatrick, PhD, CFA, CFP® joined David DeCelle to discuss retirement income planning and the superpowers of retirees. Justin discusses common reasons adjustments are made in a retirement income plan and discusses how the Income Lab software helps advisors provide clients with a realistic view of what retirement could look like.

Here are a few of the main points:
  • An advisor who can leverage retirees’ superpower to adjust will deliver so much more value and experience than presenting their clients with the idea that they’re either going to succeed or fail.
  • How advisors can communicate the advantages of Income Lab technology to their clients and how Income Lab simulates income risk in retirement.
  • Income Lab’s integration with other financial planning platforms and CRMs.

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