Income Lab provides a better way to conduct retirement planning, with sophisticated analytics that reflect the best in planning research and data science, deeper pools of data, and processes for streamlining ongoing plan management.

Economic and
market conditions

What a retiree can afford to spend is closely tied to current economic and market conditions like interest rates, inflation, and equity valuations. However, today’s retirement planning technology does not account for this. Instead, it presumes that retirement risks are the same in all environments.

Income Lab’s industry-first economic context engine allows you to incorporate information about market and economic conditions into your retirement spending advice. This engine is updated monthly so that your advice is never out of date.


The evidence is clear: retirees rarely run out of money. Instead, they adjust over time, spending more when they can and less when they must. So the current focus on probability of failure is fundamentally flawed. The real questions are how likely is it that a client will need to take a pay cut, how large could it be, when might it occur, and how long could it last?

Income Lab lets you build sophisticated, customized plans for how clients will adjust their spending as circumstances change. We continuously test these plans against current conditions and alert you when a client’s plan calls for a change.

Tax-Smart Distribution Planning

Deciding how best to source portfolio withdrawals involves accounting for a full range of tax effects and a wide range of withdrawal strategies as they apply to the idiosyncrasies of each plan. Income Lab’s Tax Center helps you quickly evaluate the tax consequences of strategies like bracket management and tax-ordering (e.g., Taxable -> Tax Deferred -> Tax Free), including all planned cash flows (Social Security, pensions, investment income, portfolio withdrawals) and their differential tax treatment, and produces simple, digestible data to help you and your clients make informed decisions


Today’s retirement income planning technology treats planning as a one-time event. It does not provide for ongoing plan oversight. Shouldn’t your retirement income planning technology understand that things change, and provide you with a scalable system for continuous fiduciary-ready plan monitoring and management?

At Income Lab, you develop an Income Policy Statement (IPS) for each client. Each month, we test all implemented plans using up-to-date data and alert you if an IPS calls for a change. You and your clients can rest assured that your plans are being actively monitored.


Today’s retirement planning systems use quantitative models to develop advice but fail to check those models in the real world. This leaves a basic question unanswered: does this model work?

Income Lab’s PlanTest™ allows you to test, at scale, how households would have fared historically when following a plan. PlanTest™ gives you an extra level of comfort and confidence in your plans by providing outside-of-the-model measurements of past plan performance.


Today’s retirement planning platforms ask clients the awkward question, “how long do you expect to live?” But this is overly simplistic and can lead to flawed plans. Proper planning incorporates accurate, continuously updated actuarial estimates linked to clients’ longevity risk tolerance and accounts for a range of longevity risks, including the risk posed to a surviving spouse if a client dies early in retirement.

The Income Lab actuarial engine delivers a higher level of longevity planning. Set longevity risk levels you believe are appropriate for each client. Income Lab updates your longevity estimates monthly to account for changes in clients’ ages and the latest actuarial data.